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09 Your Beliefs

Tonight's full moon is amazing!

For those that don't already know...I'm Wiccan. So yes, I am a witch.
Now...I hate that I even have to put this here, but...if that first part bothers you...it may be best for you to just stop reading and possibly remove me from your friends [if you feel that strongly]. Unfortunately, I've lost many friends (not just LJ friends) because of my beliefs. I would hope that's not the case here, but if it is...your choice. If you're not bothered at all...it's under the cut...

Wicca can be different for everyone that practices. There is no "bible" or written text, so different Wiccans may believe or practice different things.
I believe that the Devine has both a male and female part; in other words I honor both a God and a Goddess.
I believe in the trinity concept of the Triple Goddess; the aspects of the "maiden", the "mother", and the "crone".
I honor and respect nature and all living things.
I believe in the healing power of nature (herbs, crystals, etc.).
Since I am close with nature, the elements are a big part of my "beliefs". I identify more with the elements water and air.
I follow the Wiccan Rede, which states, "And it harm none, do as ye will." If that doesn't speak for itself, it basically means that I don't believe in harming any living thing [unless it is in self defense or unavoidable, in which case I would choose the action that causes the least harm].
I believe in Karma and that everything comes back threefold.


I see religion, magick, and wisdom in living as being united in the way one views the world and the lives within it.
My "holidays" are based on the turning of the earth and the cycle of the seasons. I also celebrate Christian holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) because of my family and my respect for their beliefs and love for them. I also "celebrate" the cycles of the moon.
I respect other religions, so long as they respect mine. I do not judge what others believe because it is personal for everyone.
I do not believe in an absolute evil. I do not worship the devil, or Satan...in fact, I don't even believe in the existence of such a "being".
I believe that I have sole responsibility for my words and deeds, how I live my life, and how I react to what happens to me.
I believe in reincarnation. This stems from the strong connection to nature, which is cyclical...everything in nature is reborn.
My "spells" are somewhat like prayers.

That's the basics. I tried to sum it up the best I could because I could write a novel. My husband is also Wiccan. My children, well...they have no religious affiliation. I do not push my religion on them (aside from respecting nature because I think it's a good thing for all children to learn). I personally believe that "teaching" a child a religion at a young age is more of an influence than actual learning. When my children are old enough to do their own research, they're free to choose whichever religion they feel is best for them, or none at all. Entirely their choice.

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