Fantastic Day!

Thank goddess for the LJ app. Our cable/Internet got shut off today because we haven't paid. I don't have the money right now, so I'm just not going to get it turned back on and I'll pay off the balance when I can. So, no internet for 2 weeks. This is going to be hard, haha. At least I've got my phone and loads of data!

Hubs got a load this morning that happened to come straight through Mobile, so he's home for the night. I'll take whatever time with him that I can get, but this was definitely unexpected. We got the kids in bed, took a shower together (which we never do), had some fun, and now we're just kinda hanging out like we usually do.

It's been a good day. Tomorrow after he heads back out I'll be helping my parents move out. So exciting! I just wanted to post a quick update. I'm gonna give my attention back to him before we go to sleep. Gotta make sure I have energy for tomorrow.

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09 Your Beliefs

Tonight's full moon is amazing!

For those that don't already know...I'm Wiccan. So yes, I am a witch.
Now...I hate that I even have to put this here, but...if that first part bothers you...it may be best for you to just stop reading and possibly remove me from your friends [if you feel that strongly]. Unfortunately, I've lost many friends (not just LJ friends) because of my beliefs. I would hope that's not the case here, but if it is...your choice. If you're not bothered at all...it's under the cut...

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{day 27} from a distance

{day 27} a song by an artist that starts with the last letter of your first pet's name

*well, i can't remember the name of my first pet, so i'll use the name of my most recent pet, Maia

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    adelitas way {hurt}

{day 26} close-up

{day 26} a song you hate

*this is one of the worst, but i'm not a fan of hers at all.

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    not listening! i muted the video to get the code

{day 23} sun flare

{day 23} a song recommended by someone over the age of 50

*couldn't find anyone over the age of 50, so i got as close as possible. yay for my bestie's mommy!

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    ted nugent {wango tango}